Rivelin Valley

Roscoe Wheel

A site that was used from 1725-1922, having both a water wheel and a mill that were used for cutlery & tool production.



Roscoe Wheel and associated water management system date from 1725 and are the remains of a mill water-powered site that was used for cutlery, fender, file and saw grinding, and as a blacking mill. The upper floor of the two-storey building was used as a polishing room.
The mill and wheel were in use until at least 1922, but reported derelict in 1936. Some of the most interesting remains in the valley can be found at Roscoe, including the unusual weir, the wheel pit arch, and traces of the only two-storey building along the valley.
Roscoe Wheel stands out as unusual in the Rivelin Valley, having a breast-shot water wheel and associated two-storey building.
Records indicate that in 1830 there was also a second, smaller, building between the main building and the bridge, apparently driven by another water wheel.

What remains now?

The Roscoe weir is still in good condition and is particularly unusual: the long, dressed stone slope has three changes of gradient, and there are two top kerbs – the upper one being a double-arc, unique in Sheffield.

Doubled Arc Roscoe Weir

Traces of the building still remain, including the wheel pit arch and outfall from the pit into the tail goit (a small man-made channel for transporting water). The tail goit is culverted underground for about 50m and then runs along the base of the hill slope and into the river close to the remains of the weir for New Dam/Spooners Wheel.
Some iron-work survives on top of the large stone slabs of the head-goit entry. Although now dry and wooded, the outline of the mill dam is still visible, including the remains of the dam wall.
A capstan and roller are mounted on the massive stone blocks of the mill dam overflow near Roscoe Bridge.
Traces of the cottages that were built into the hillside next to the wheel can also still be seen.


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