Rivelin Valley

Hind Wheel

Oldest site in the entirety of the valley, dating all the way back to the late 16th century, making cutlery and inserts for corsets.



Dating from around 1580, the Hind Wheel is the earliest recorded site in the Rivelin Valley. The wheel was used for grinding cutlery and making metal inserts for ladies corsets. In the early 19th century the mill dam almost doubled in size to the round shape it is today. The site was last used in the 1930s.
Records indicate that it was occupied by Thomas Hine, Robert Webster and John Swynden, paying an annual rent of rent of £1. In 1772 six trows (troughs) were recorded, then ten trows in 1794, with 12 men working there.
In the early 19th century, the site was occupied by Joseph Greaves & John Tillotson. However clearly greater production was needed from the Wheel,  and in 1820 the workshops were rebuilt and the mill dam almost doubled in size.
In 1830 two waterwheels were recorded as being at the site, one run by Joseph Greaves, the other by John Tillotson. Each wheel supported eight grinding troughs.
One water wheel was still operational in the1920s, making steel strip for ladies corsetry, until the site was abandoned in the 1930s.
Both water wheels were still in place in the 1950s, although by then all the surrounding buildings had fallen into disrepair and collapsed. The area was then cleared and subsequently landscaped.

What remains now?

There are now few traces of the Hind Wheel buildings.
The curved weir, situated upstream of the mill dam, is today interrupted by two tree-covered islands.
The mill dam is today maintained for recreational purposes and a footpath goes around the dam wall close to the water, which runs from the dam over a wide overflow, identified by metal plates across the path, then falling into the River Rivelin.
The tail goit (a small man-made channel for transporting water) is culverted under the path and joins the river above the Upper Cut weir.


Rivelin Valley Conservation Group (RVCG) - https://rivelinvalley.org.uk
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