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BMuseum on the Sheffield-Rotheram Boundary, that showcases the four elements and their applications in modern life.

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Magna is a museum centred around the four elements required for making steel: earth, air, water and fire.

Each of all these elements has it’s own pavilion offering lots of interactive play opportunities and spectacles to marvel at.

The Air Pavilion is housed in what looks like a blimp hanging up in the rafters containing lots of displays showing the power of air and the many practical uses it has in the world. Some of the displays include:

  • Air cannons for play.
  • A miniature tornado to watch.
  • Turbines that shoot high speed wind at you.
  • Practical display showing how sound is made.

The Earth Pavilion is themed around mining and quarrying, as such, there are many interactive games around using machinery to manipulate the rocks that surround the pavilion, this includes:

  • Working full-sized JCB’s that you can use to transport rocks.
  • Plunger to push to watch a realistic quarry explosion demonstration.
  • Load buckets for use in rock sorting.

The Fire Pavilion is centred around smelting and the change that only extreme heat brings about and with this theme comes a red colour scheme and the heat you would expect from somewhere dedicated to showing off the element as a whole. The displays consist of:

  • A huge spiraling fire tornado.
  • Melting steel with a model electric arc furnace.
  • Shaping crystal with heat.
  • Hot climate control to simulate what it would be like working with this element.

The Water Pavilion is all about what we and the planet are mostly made of, the pavilion is housed in a steel complex in the shape of a wave, within it there’s plenty of running water, fog and mist with blue lights shining throughout.  The wave also houses:

  • Targets to hit with streams of water from mounted water cannons.
  • Steel water wheel to show off the power of hydroelectricity.
  • Interactive game centred around controlling a fish.
  • A machine that works out your water usage.

Alongside these adventure-filled Pavilions, there’s also a huge exhibit that runs tours daily as well, The Big melt, is focused on all these elements culminating in the production of steel, in this 12 minute tour, one of their electric arc furnaces is shown in all it’s glory with the use of lights, sounds and special effects. The tour also speaks about the lives of the workers that used to work there and their day to day duties.

As if this wasn’t impressive enough, Magna also supplies two parks SCI-TEK and AQUA-TEK for children of all ages to learn through playing.

AQUA-TEK, as the names implies, is a water park and it comes with all the bells and whistles you would want from one, including:

  • Water Cannons to spray at each other.
  • Arches that spurt water continuously.
  • Buckets that fill with water and drop on unsuspecting victims.
  • Water wheel that trickles water with every rotation

SCI-TEK is the adventure playground that is sat opposite from AQUA-TEK, this park has the following:

  • Multiple Swings.
  • A multitude of Slides.
  • Climbing wall and netting on a rocket shaped climbing frame.
  • A Castle climbing frame.
  • A zip line.
  • Spinning bowls.
  • Tilted Roundabouts.

All in all, Magna is a great location for families and their children or schools looking for an interesting way to teach their students about the four elements!

The facility is located near to the Sheffield and Rotherham boundary and is easily accessible by bus (X1 route) and offers free parking for both cars and coaches.

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