Industry Innovation Research Institute

I2Ri is a collaboration between multiple departments throughout the Sheffield Hallam University campus with the goal of applying research to the challenges that occur in the modern world.



Sheffield Hallam University's Industry & Innovation Research Institute (I2Ri) incorporates facilities and expertise from across the University's entire technical spectrum, embracing materials, computing, science and engineering disciplines.
Research centres include:
  • Materials & Engineering Research Institute (MERI)
  • National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering (NCEFE)
  • Biomolecular Sciences Research Centre (BMRC)
  • Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence and Organised Crime Research (CENTRIC)
With an aim of providing solutions to major global challenges in areas such as:
  • Secure and sustainable energy
  • Smart, digital and low carbon technologies
  • Security of individuals, institutions and international communities
  • Technologies supporting an ageing society
The Institute's industrial funding partners include Rolls-Royce, Tinsley Bridge, Ionbond, Zimmer Biomet, and the UK's National Nuclear Laboratory.
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