Biomolecular Sciences Research Centre

BMRC is site within the Sheffield Hallam University, most of their work contributes to fighting diseases.



Sheffield Hallam University's Biomolecular Sciences Research Centre (BMRC), a component of the Industry & Innovation Research Institute, conducts research through three channels, each aligned with a particular area of expertise. These are:
  1. Development and application of tissue models to alleviate disease and infection
  2. Application of advanced physical analytical methodology
  3. Antimicrobial resistance and biofilms
Each themed channel is supported by senior staff who head specialist research groups that provide a focus for staff to maintain and develop related expertise, in addition to providing suitable fora for support of PhD students and postdoctoral research associates.
The research groups include:
  • Tissue engineering and biomechanics
  • Centre for mass spectrometry imaging
  • Chemistry
  • Education and outreach
  • Bioanalytical science
  • Molecular microbiology
These groups aim to make a significant contribution to advancing the understanding of biological processes and systems, particularly disease processes, leading to the identification of new therapeutic targets.
The BMRC Knowledge Transfer and Consultancy team operate across all channels, and the Centre also has a designated commercial unit with strong industrial links providing a range of services in bioanalysis and custom synthesis to a variety of businesses, from local SMEs to national and international enterprises.
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