Becoming a Member

Participate and benefit to the full - keep your finger on the Fusion City pulse and benefit to the full by investing in one of our several membership types.

Membership - Sheffield Town Hall


By becoming a member of Fusion City you support our work in South Yorkshire and Sheffield City Region - important work promoting sustainability, green energy transformation, and helping the poor and disenfranchised improve their lives, giving them access to training and re-skilling opportunities in the new clean industrial sectors, and to future-proof jobs.

You also get to participate and have a voice in your own and your children's future when, as a group, we get to influence and advocate for climate policy, ecological issues, and a clean, sustainable future.

Membership Benefits

There's a membership plan to suit everyone, and here's the very minimum of what you will get in return for supporting Fusion City:

Individual & Family Members

  • NEWS Receive our newsletter entirely free of charge. Find out what's happening and keep up with the latest climate news and technology

  • EVENTS Register early and get discounted rates on our events

  • TRAINING Get discounted rates on our training courses

  • PARTICIPATE Have your say on matters of local and national advocacy

  • NETWORKING Talk to the right people when you need to

  • EXPERTISE Access our resources and expertise at reduced rates

Business Members

In addition to all the Individual and Family membership benefits, you will also gain access to:

  • JOBS Discounted advertising rates for our jobs boards<br
  • INFLUENCE Participate in focus groups and government consultations