Weston Park Cancer Hospital

Weston Park Hospital has a world-leading reputation as a centre of excellence in the fight against cancer.

The purpose-built Cancer Research Centre is fully integrated within Weston Park Hospital and is credited as a pioneer of numerous modern advances within the field of cancer research.

A Cancer Information and Support Centre has been built at the hospital, providing ongoing help and advice to patients and families coping with daily life under their difficult circumstances.

Weston Park Hospital

Weston Park Cancer Hospital provides world leading cancer treatment delivered by some of the most highly regarded cancer specialists in Europe.

But what makes them special is the way they care for their patients. They know that kindness, clarity of information and unstinting support for patients and their loved ones is as important as the cutting-edge technologies and treatments they have available.

Weston Park Hospital was opened in April 1970. It has its origins in the Sheffield Radium Committee which administered the Sheffield Radium Fund (established 1914), which in turn was superseded by the Radium Centre in 1930 and subsequently by the Sheffield National Centre for Radiotherapy in 1945.

Weston Park Hospital possesses 79 inpatient beds spread over three separate wards.

Treatments provided include:


Chemotherapy is the use of a combination of drugs which together can destroy or control cancer cells. As there are many different types of chemotherapy, the combination of medicines given will differ depending on each patient's condition. Drugs may be given individually or several different drugs may be given together.


Radiotherapy is the use of high energy X-rays in carefully measured doses employed to destroy the cancer cells. This is a painless treatment and a personalised approach is used to carefully plan patients' treatments and care.


Immunotherapy works by assisting the immune system to recognise and attack cancer cells. Immunotherapy can be provided alone or alongside other cancer treatments.


Some types of cancer can be treated with surgery. If this is the best treatment option, surgery will be carried out at either the Royal Hallamshire Hospital or Northern General Hospital, or the most appropriate location close to where a patient lives.

Targeted therapies

Targeted cancer therapies are drugs which can stop or slow the growth of cancer. They do this in different ways. For example, some block the signals that instruct a cancer to grow, while others can encourage a patient's immune system to attack the cancer.

You can also find details of other services such as parking, contact details and locations on the hospital's official website:

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