Northern General Hospital

The Northern General Hospital, situated in the north of Sheffield, is home to the city's adult accident and emergency department.The Northern General is the largest hospital campus within Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Extending over 100 acres, the Northern General has over 1100 beds and over 6000 staff.

Sheffield Northern General Hospital

The Northern General is located in the north of Sheffield in the S5 area of the city. It is the largest hospital in Sheffield spanning 100 acres.

This hospital specialises in orthopaedics, renal, heart and lung services and includes a purpose-built spinal injury unit.

The hospital also has a helipad for air ambulances to access.

You can find a detailed map is available of the Northern General Hospital here. Here you can also find more information such as services the hospital provides, car parking, etc.

Many people visiting or working in the hospital today have little knowledge of its humble beginnings. The Northern General Hospital, Sheffield began life over 120 years ago and has a fascinating history, having started out as the Fir Vale Workhouse in the days prior to free medical care for all.

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