Studying In Sheffield With Disabilities

This section covers what resources are available for people with disabilities within Sheffield's two major Universities.

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What Support is available?

In Sheffield, both of the major universities – The University of Sheffield, and Sheffield Hallam University – have specialist services to support students with disabilities.
At Sheffield Hallam, the Disabled Student Support service helps over 4,000 students per year with a wide variety of disabilities and conditions. They have a team of disability specialists who help with a wide range of enquiries, and who can assess the needs of individual students and provide any needed support packages. Any student with a condition that has lasted, or is likely to last, 12 months or more, is entitled to support, with a GP letter required as evidence.
Support the university can provide includes accessible facilities and toilets, extra time for exams and coursework, and the use of computers and other digital equipment, like voice recorders and text-to-speech software. Students with learning disabilities can have adjustments for group-related work, as well as support from specialist mentors. Every student can have different support tailored to their individual needs. There are specialist support professionals employed at the university, who can provide support with planning workloads, preparing and structuring assignments, and accessing the needed research sources.
Learning Contracts are adjustments the university makes, so that students are not disadvantaged by their difficulty or condition. These are agreed upon on a case-by-case basis, and can include extra time for exams and coursework, rest breaks, work not being marked-down for spelling and grammar, and presentations delivered to a smaller audience. This support can be accessed through appointments at Disabled Student Support.
The University of Sheffield also offers a very similar support scheme, called the Disability and Dyslexia Support Service (DDSS). This service offers very similar support to SHU’s Disabled Student Support, and also offers tailored one-to-one orientation and mobility training to help disabled students navigate their way around the campus. This service also takes into consideration individual students’ needs when assigning university accommodation, making sure that facilities are accessible. Depending on the individual’s needs, Personal Care Support can also be applied for, giving the student direct assistance with day-to-day living tasks, such as washing, dressing, shopping, cooking and cleaning. This service can also set up accounts with local taxi services, making for easy and safe travel around the city.
Official pages:
University of Sheffield:  Support for disabled students
Sheffield Hallam University:  Support for disabled students
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