NHS Disability Care In Sheffield

This section showcases what help is available from the NHS for those living with a disability/ caring for someone who is disabled.

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What Support is available?

The National Health Service offers a wide range of support to disabled people in Sheffield.
The Community Learning Disability Team is a specialist health service, assisting adults with learning disabilities and their carers. This service works alongside the other NHS services in Sheffield to ensure the needs of individual’s physical and mental health are adequately met. They provide diagnosis, specialist health assessment, and help accessing support and care, including ensuring that disabled adults are kept safe in the community, are eating and drinking well, managing their daily lives, helping with mobility, and helping with their communication skills. The team is made up of a group of skilled individuals, including nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, referral co-ordinators, and consultant psychiatrists. This service can be accessed through referral by a GP, or it can be accessed through self-referral or referral by a carer or family member, by filling in a form and emailing or posting to the service. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has rated this service as ‘Good’.
The Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group works jointly with Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust to help redesign and improve mental health services to ensure reduced waiting times, and an increased focus on prevention, recovery and independence. They are focused on reducing health inequalities and preventing deaths by ensuring access to needed healthcare for those with learning disabilities, as well as those with dementia and mentally ill health. Their focus is outcome-based, ensuring appropriate care, reducing hospital admission levels and providing the best results for a good quality of life for patients.
Additionally, this groups runs a 24-hour free helpline at 0808 801 0440 for anyone affected by any mental health issues, providing quality support and signposting for both those affected by disabilities or their carers.
The NHS website has a wealth of information on learning disabilities, mental health issues, and autism, with health advice and links to local services, for both disabled individuals and their carers.
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