A concise introduction to the Sheffield Green Commitment, a report formulated by the Sheffield Green Commission with the goal of making Sheffield a more sustainable, interconnected city

Sheffield Green Commitment

About the Sheffield Green Commitment

Sheffield’s Green Commitment is the final report of the Sheffield Green Commission, an organisation formed by key experts and decision makers in Sheffield in order to make the city more sustainable. The Commissioners who were chosen were people of experience and influence, representing business and industry, both of Sheffield’s universities, the public sector and the independent sector.

After public consultation, expert witnesses were gathered to speak on seven themes: sustainable mobility; low CO2 energy and resource efficiency; sustainable growth and low CO2 economy; climate change; green infrastructure/quality of life/place making; communication, engagement, education and behavioural change; and health and wellbeing. These issues were chosen out of national and global concerns, considering their impact on the city of Sheffield and its residents, businesses and communities. After hours of deliberation on these themes, the commissioners laid out this report.

The report is based around four visions that are considered to be deliverable for the people of Sheffield in the relative future: a connected city, where it is easy to move around Sheffield in a safe, clean, integrated, affordable, high quality, low emission transport system; transformative energy, where energy is generated and distributed locally and individuals and businesses are engaged with energy efficiency and demand reduction; a European green city, both in its urban core and its surrounding landscape; and a learning city, where Sheffield is committed to continuously learning about how to make Sheffield smart and sustainable.

These visions are given detail in the report on how they will be carried out, with sets of recommendations and summaries of evidence. The Commission anticipated that each sector would respond to the calls set out using their unique resources, and collaborate across all sectors to deliver on appropriate climate action. The report was a 16-month process.

The members of Sheffield Green Commission are:

  • Chair Councillor Jayne Dunn (Sheffield City Council)
  • Vice Chair Liz Ballard (Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust)
  • Robert Allen (Amey Sheffield)
  • Emma Bridge (Community Energy England)
  • Stephen Brooks, (UYE UK Ltd)
  • Professor Lynn Crowe (Sheffield Hallam University)
  • Beatrice Greenfield (Sheffield Climate Alliance)
  • Professor Lenny Koh (University of Sheffield)
  • Professor Martin Mayfield (University of Sheffield)
  • Richard Scott (E.ON Community Energy)
  • Dr Marion Sloan (Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body)
  • Frances Wells (FWA Sustainable Business Advisors)
  • Tom Wild (University of Sheffield Urban Institute / Local Nature Partnership)
  • Nigel Wilson (Veolia)
Sheffield Green Commission

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