Sheffield's Green Commitment

An introduction to the Sheffield Green Commitment, a report formulated by the Sheffield Green Commission with the goal of making Sheffield a more sustainable, interconnected city.
Sheffield Green Commitment

The Sheffield Green Commission

Sheffield's Green Commission was formed from local experts, influencers and decision makers in Sheffield to recommend how to make the City of Sheffield sustainable. Sheffield’s Green Commitment was the final report of the Sheffield Green Commission.

The Green Commitment statement is based around the following four sustainable visions considered by the Green Commission to be deliverable for the people of Sheffield in the medium term.

Connected City - being easy to move around Sheffield using a safe, clean, affordable, integrated, high quality, and low emission transport system.

Transformative Energy - energy being generated locally and distributed locally, with individual citizens and businesses engaged with the idea of energy efficiency and energy demand reduction.

European Green City - Sheffield is a green city both in its urban core and its surrounding landscape. Bearing in mind that, even following Brexit, the UK is still a part of the Continent of Europe, and is considered by many as Europe's greenest city.

Learning City - Sheffield is committed to continuously learning about how to make Sheffield a smart, sustainable city of the future.

The Green Commitment is being taken forward by the Sheffield Green Commissioners and other partners in the City of Sheffield as a Call to Action on these fundamental green concepts and imperatives.

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