Sheffield's Green City Strategy

"The Green City Strategy" is a document put forth by the Sheffield City Council with the intent of laying out a pathway to making Sheffield greener.

Utilizing methods ranging from local initiatives to large scale national changes to make Sheffield as low carbon, resilient and sustainable as possible,

Sheffield Green Commitment

The Green City Strategy: Summarised

Sheffield's Green City Strategy is a report created by The Sheffield Council with the intention of making Sheffield a greener city through creating a plan of what needs to be changed in order to achieve this. The report has 6 parts that are split up into the following:

Reducing our Impact on the Climate:

Making sure our emissions are curbed and as low as they can be realistically reduced, whether this be through insulating houses, promoting public transport or increasing renewable energy production

A Climate-Resilient City:

Ensuring the city has robust preventative measures to protect against the damaged caused by climate change, such as employing drainage solutions for flooding and providing water harvesting and storage systems to help in case of a drought.

Sustainable and Affordable Energy for our Homes and Businesses:

Committing to employing more sustainable energy sources, such as wind and solar power and laying out plans to make energy cheaper to protect the most vulnerable members of society.

Modern, Reliable and Clean Journeys for Everyone:

Promoting public transport and active transport (such as cycling as walking) as viable modes of transport over the use of private vehicles and further strengthening transport links within the city.


Ensuring that air pollution is decreased, by introducing new low emission forms of public transport and anti-idling zones to improve the health of citizens, especially children and the vulnerable.

A green and innovative Economy:

Improving the economy by pushing for cleaner production of energy, creating countless jobs in the process.

These parts are expanded upon in the pages that are linked below.

Sheffield Green Commission

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