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Yorkshire's newest professional symphony orchestra - The Brigantes Orchestra - based in the city of Sheffield has some exciting programmes in store. The future's bright for music lovers far and wide!

The Brigantes Orchestra

The Brigantes Orchestra

The Brigantes Orchestra


“The original Brigantes (Brig-ant-ez) were a Celtic people; a collection of tribes ruled by Queen Cartimandua in 1st Century Northern England. They populated what is now Yorkshire.” Is the quote that adorns the home page of The Brigantes Orchestra website. It is clear they are proud of being a Yorkshire-based orchestra, going on to write: “Literally meaning 'high ones', possibly in the sense of nobility or as highlanders living on the Pennines or in hillforts, the Brigantes were both tribal and cultured, enjoying theatre and music.”

The Brigantes Orchestra truly summarises what being an orchestra is... a ‘tribe’ of musicians that come together to express the creativity based around their location, culture, and unity. They were established in 2019 by music director Quentin Clare, performing their first concerts that very same year – and Sheffield audiences can be sure that there is a lot more to come!

Quentin Clare, the music director of The Brigantes Orchestra, made his professional debut at the age of just 25 when he conducted the Hallé Orchestra in the prestigious Bridgewater Hall, Manchester. Since then he has worked with many orchestras in the UK including the BBC Philharmonic, Royal Northern Sinfonia, Orchestra of Opera North and Ensemble 11, as well as having performances broadcast on British television and Radio.

Judging by the programming of The Bragantes Orchestra's first concerts, the music-loving people of Sheffield have a lot to look forward to... and it's far from banal!

Here is a list of the orchestra's upcoming concerts... Brigantes

Venues: Sheffield Cathedral (Church Street)

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