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Sheffield University's New Music Ensemble is one of several student music groups which are part of the University's very active music department

Sheffield University New Music Ensemble

Sheffield University New Music Ensemble

Sheffield University New Music Ensemble


The University of Sheffield's New Music Ensemble is a leading ensemble that performs new compositions by living composers, including students, staff, and guests, as well as 20th and 21st-Century repertoire.

Each New Music Ensemble concert is a distinctively curated listening experience for audiences, often featuring innovative instrumentations and uses of space. There is typically one concert per term (early November and March) with opportunities for additional performances at external venues (e.g. DINA and Upper Chapel).

The New Music Ensemble line-up differs with each performance, depending on the selected repertoire, which includes mainly chamber music for between two and fifteen performers.

It is an opportunity for students to explore new composers, genres, playing techniques, and ensemble formats.

Performers work closely with composers and sometimes become creatively involved through improvisation or interpretation of open scores. The shows also provide a stage for the solo performance of new music by individual instrumentalists.

Venues: University of Sheffield

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