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The Sheffield Music Academy inspires musical excellence in young music enthusiasts enabling them to contribute to music making in their schools and communities

Sheffield Music Academy

Sheffield City Hall International Concert Series

Sheffield Music Academy


Established in 2006, Sheffield Music Academy currently provides specialist training for 144 musicians aged 6-18 who show outstanding ability and potential.

The Academy’s drive is to inspire excellence so that students can develop their talent, grow in confidence, achieve fulfilment through performance, and in turn make positive contributions to the musical activities of their schools and communities.

As one of only 15 Centres for Advanced Training in the UK, they are funded by the Department for Education's Music & Dance Scheme which offers means-tested bursaries to families. They’re also supported by smaller trusts, donors and sponsors to increase bursary numbers and offer instruments for tuition.

Places are open to all, with a primary focus on dedication to music. Auditions take place in March of each year.

Venues: Heeley Hall, Victoria Hall, St. Andrew’s Church, Matlock.

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