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Organising music-making of the highest order from chamber music ensembles and soloists in the intimate setting of the Sheffield Crucible Theatre Studio

Music in the Round

Music in the Round

Music in the Round


Music in the Round is a prominent advocate and backer of chamber music, with a programme that runs all year, ensuring that there is an event for everyone.

For up to nearly forty years they have been helping local communities fall back in love with classical music through their welcoming and enlightening style of ‘in the round’ performances based in Sheffield's Crucible Theatre with its two distinctive and intimate circular auditoria where the audience are seated around the centrally-located stages.

Music in the Round hold concerts and events such as the Sheffield Chamber Music Festival annually at the Crucible Studio Theatre, as well as activity across Sheffield and in partnership with a variety of music venues all over the country.

Their concerts are typified by enthusiasm and quality. Their goal is to unite people using music, and by playing music in intimate concert halls, and seating audiences just feet away from incredible artists playing music with passion, often accompanied by energetic introductions by the musicians themselves or composers and knowledgeable experts.

Sheffield and its locality are home to a wealth of talented orchestras, a variety of choirs, ensembles, aspiring soloists, conductors, composers and everything in between.

The organisation's aim is to bring amazing music makers and promoters together to present classical music to more people and in more places. As a collective they’ve held several massively successful Sheffield Classical Weekend Festivals, with the most recent in March 2019 reaching over 10,000 people, introducing classical music to thousands of new audience members.

Venues: Abbeydale Picture House, Barker’s Pool, Buxton Opera House, Crucible Theatre, and a lot more. Full list on their website.

Ensemble 360
Ensemble 360

Artists who regularly work with Music in the Round

Ensemble 360

Ensemble 360 are a group that has been commended over almost two decades for their consistently great performances. They are an ensemble with eleven members, each with their own international recognition.

Ensemble 360 have their own entry on this site: Ensemble 360

Roderick Williams

Roderick Williams is an opera singer, talented recital artist, and a composer. He works frequently with significant British opera companies such as Opera North, the Royal Opera House, Scottish Opera and more. He is notably well-known for his baritone Mozart roles. Also, he tours internationally throughout the year regularly performing in Australia, America, Canada and Europe.

Paul Rissmann

Children’s Composer-in-Residence, Paul Rissmann, is an award-winning artist whose series of massively popular commissioned pieces is a core part of Music in the Round. Paul is often commissioned to set a soundtrack to children’s books. In 2012 he won a British Composer’s Award for his composition The Chimpanzees of Happytown.

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