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Helping Sheffield's amateur musicians participate in performances of contemporary classical music. CoMA Sheffield is part of the UK national contemporary music performance network

CoMA Sheffield

CoMA Sheffield

CoMA Sheffield - Contemporary Music for All


The UK CoMA organisation was established in 1993 to encourage and provide opportunities for amateur musicians of all abilities to take part in contemporary music making.

CoMA Sheffield was formed online during the COVID lockdown, holding their first in-person rehearsal in June 2020 and now hold regular monthly meetings. The ensemble is led by composer Louise Vincent and much of what they play is written by members of the ensemble.

The organisation's vision, as stated on their website, is “for contemporary music to be open to everyone, celebrating participation in new music-making as a meaningful and essential part of our lives.” CoMA Sheffield has exciting plans for the future including working with composition students from Sheffield University as part of the organisation's Festival of Contemporary Music for All in March 2023.

The ensemble welcomes all instrument players, composers and singers. All variety of abilities are welcome, as long as they are able to read written music.

Open Score is CoMA’s ongoing project to generate new repertoire for amateur ensembles of varying size and instrumentation. The project was established in 2004 with funding from the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.

A different artistic director is appointed each year to commission new works from some of the most inspiring and forward-looking composers living or working in the UK, Ireland and continental Europe.

Venues: On-site workshops

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